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written by Glynnis
16 Feb, 2016
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My life-long friend and soul sister Mel and I have come together on this aromatic journey to share our love of life with you through the inspiring power of the aromatic spices and plant essences. In the Summer of 2015 we embarked on a long and life-changing road trip together. Visions appeared, ideas exploded, and sparks ignited as the Universe perfectly aligned as it always does if we trust, to create magic. In other words, it was love.

Love of a life filled with health and wellness, love of how we feel when we are present to every miraculous moment, love of making a difference, and love of the endless possibilities for living the most fun, creative, vibrant and prosperous life. The Spice Life.

To better get to know us through the language of spice, Mel is cinnamon. Creative, positive, sweet, playful, focused, sincere, energetic, captivating, generous, loyal, fiery, compassionate, no-nonsense, bold, fun, and sexy. I am a masala. Sometimes cardamom, sometimes black pepper, sometimes star anise, sometimes cinnamon. Complex, creative, determined, fiery, kind, loyal, passionate, enthusiastic, intriguing, courageous, positive, generous, spicy, and sensual.

Through our blog, The Spice Life, we will unravel the mystery and magic of the aromatic spices, herbs and plant essences. With the depth and wisdom of Ayurveda and the aromatic arts, we will inquire, share, explore, educate, and engage in these gifts of nature with the desire to live a vibrant life, a healthy life, a long and sexy life.

We invite you to sign up and join us as we embark together on this fragrant journey into the world of the senses.

Fragrant Blessings,

Glynn and Mel

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  1. Alice Bracegirdle

    I am so excited to see what delights the Spice Life will reveal to us all, and I am so happy for you both!
    Many blessings on this beautiful journey!
    May it bring endless joy, love and spicy goodness!
    I’m IN!!!


    • Glynnis

      Spicy gorgeous Alice thank you so much! We are so excited that you are IN! We promise this is going to be a delicious journey and feeling so blessed to have you on board : )

      Much Love,
      Glynn and Mel xoxo

  2. Natalie Rousseau

    Oh how I love this!!! I am just dying to see what you two will bring forth for us all and you can just sign me up right now for your next course!!

    • Glynnis

      YAY and thank you so much Natalie! You are definitely in the aromatic tribe and we are so excited to share this sublime journey with you. And YES! You are signed up ; )

      So much love,
      Glynn and Mel xox

  3. Kael

    Congratulations on your next spicy adventure! I look forward to partaking in all the goodness you will share.
    Love your Ayurvedic Sister,

    • Glynnis

      Darling Kael, how beautiful to receive your message! Thank you so much! Very excited to share this new Aromatic Ayurveda adventure and we feel very very blessed to be in this community.

      So much love to you my Ayurvedic sister : )

  4. Carrie Ross

    How very exciting! I’m so looking forward to following your adventures.

  5. Melissa Schooling

    Wow!!! What an incredible meeting of two beautiful minds to conjure up something so intriguing… This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to experience more .
    Love ❣

    • Glynnis

      Hello Carrie! Thanks so much, and I am looking forward to sharing these spicy adventures with you!
      Fragrant Blessings!

    • Glynnis

      Melissa darling! Thanks for your amazing support and appreciation.
      I cannot wait to unfold this mystical spicy offering and share it with you!

      Fragrant Blessings and so much love,
      Glynnis xo


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