Your Hips and Heart Will Adore You

Your Hips and Heart Will Adore You

If you are anything like me and every other female creature on the planet, you WANT to move your hips. You may just not have gotten round to it yet. Or you may have found yourself trapped in your perfectly designed ergonomic computer chair. Or you’re too shy to shake it even when nobody is looking. Whatever the reason, as women we can all relate and we all wanna shake it.

Why shake your hips, move your body, expand your mind, or groove to the inner beating of your own heart? Simply put. It’s good for you. And seriously when last did you take a women-only time-out to restore your energy and make you feel alive and connected again.

Soooooo…..along comes a Goddess or two who not only make it their business to shake their hips and stir up some serious mojo but also make it their service to all women to reset the joy button. On September 17 an event is happening in Victoria BC (have you been there lately – it is a STUNNING place to visit!) that will give you every reason to get unstuck from the daily same-same and to jive with your beautiful, joyful, inspired, free-flowing ecstatic self.

Sounds like a gorgeous dream? It’s happening and I promise it willScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.02.29 PM rock your world like it rocked mine the last two times I participated. Alice Bracegirdle, the beautiful founder of Bellyfit® is an entrepreneur with great heart and the ability to move everyone she meets. Literally! She has inspired thousands of women to transform their lives through her spirited creation. Alice is all about empowering women.

Alice, in collaboration with Elate Cosmetics has engaged a passionate bevy of incredible women who will be presenting, sharing, and releasing their brilliance for you to shine at The Bellyfit Womens Health and Fitness Summit.

You will experience a weekend of magic designed to meet you and motivate you wherever you are on the path. September 17 and 18 at The Victoria Conference Centre.


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And so much more… (I am so excited to be presenting two delicious, sensual, ayurvedic aromatherapy workshops over the weekend).