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    “There is no life without a seed and there is no seed without a life”

    Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita

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    Spice Lounge and Grinding Out the Dark

    Hello Beautiful Soul! The last couple of months have been a mandala of madness. A stunning trip to Iceland, the launch of the first Spice Lounge, and my teaching schedule starting up again, along with some surfacing of stuff I imagined already resolved. And then there is the enduring thread of empathy with the suffering…

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    Hello gorgeous friend! HAPPY SOLSTICE, CHRISTMAS AND HANUKKAH!  It is indeed that time of year where I whip out all my fave spices and get very aromatically attuned to the Winter Holiday season. Personally I’ll be celebrating all 3 of these holidays. I’m going to share my spice list with you as well as some…

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    Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

    I openly declare that I am indisputably greedy at the banquet of life. This is an expression that I use often. Over the years I have inhaled learning everything I can around the healing arts of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and aromanutrition. I relish all the life-giving, health-supporting foods, herbs, spices, aromatic essences and super-foods. I have…

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    Chai and the Seduction of a Star

    If I were born a spice I would know my worth. Reincarnated as cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, the beautiful star anise. Sacred and divinely seductive. Layers of volatile mysteries unfolding over fire. A flower polished by time. And then. A chai. Drunk with spicy devotion.   Have you looked closely at a whole star anise? Usually…

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    Are We Suffering for Our Crimes Against Wisdom?

    There is a Sanskrit word that means the crimes we commit against ourselves – our crimes against wisdom. Woah. Let’s say that again…deliberate, willful indulgence in unhealthy practices that leads to unbalanced body functions and disease. That pretty much sums it up. Prajna means correct knowledge, while aparadha means transgression or offense. In Ayurveda this…

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