A Vista on the Three Pillars of Life

A Vista on the Three Pillars of Life

Namaste beautiful friend. This may be one of our most essential blogs yet because without attention to these three very important building blocks of our immunity, happiness, survival, health and wellbeing, we cannot thrive sustainably.

Strange that these are the very 3 things we may take for granted most of the time.

Food. Sex. Sleep.

We neglect, overindulge in, or put them last on our list of priorities and distract ourselves with lesser activities that we allow to take precedence. And then we are starving (through lack of real nourishment), exhausted (through lack of proper sleep), or frustrated, angry, apathetic, or obsessed (through unfulfilling sex).

Ayurveda views these as the most significant factors in our longevity. The powerful balance of living for a long time in the most vibrant way is the true goal of longevity and as with anything worth having, it takes an intentional practice. Practice to eat well, sleep well and engage in sex well. There are strategies around all three of these pillars of life but as with anything Ayurveda always says “it depends.” This means to be well, we need to live well and observe what is best for our own personal dosha or mind/body type.


In my article in the July/August issue of VISTA Magazine (pg 44-45) I discuss food, sex, and sleep according to the doshas.

“Good food, good sleep, and good sex produce Soma – the nectar of bliss in our life. We cannot fake it or buy it. Soma is a gift of our awakened innate intelligence and commitment to right living. Without this mystical essence our lives are dry, dull, limited, depleted, stale, and devoid of pleasure.

So how does Ayurveda view good food, sleep, and sex? We begin with knowing that every one of us has a unique mind/body type or dosha and are nourished according to our specific needs. Soma is discerning for each individual and the gifts of bliss are showered accordingly”

In the article I offer some Ayurvedic tips for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha regarding food, sleep, and sex and how to approach these pillars of life with refinement, respect, and reverence according to your personal constitution. The little nuances make a difference to your pleasure principle and how you navigate your day and your life.