The Divine Nut of Power

The Divine Nut of Power

I was just recently reminded while exploring one of my favourite nuts about the Bible’s ‘Book of Numbers.’

Just before the great Exodus and the liberation of the slaves in Egypt, Aaron, the brother of Moses was chosen as the prophet who would translate the words of Moses channeling the Divine word to the people. God chose Aarons staff representing the tribe of Levi, to transform into a miraculous fruit-bearing almond branch, blossoming with exquisite flowers and ripe almonds. The rod or staff was a symbol of leadership, faith and the flowering almond branch of spiritual power and transformation. This was a symbol of peace as well as demonstrating the power of the One who gives Life. 


I adore almonds and this beautiful Biblical story confirmed how sacred and steeped in nature’s wisdom these life-giving nuts are.

Because they are currently controversial due to the droughts in California and needing so much water to flourish, I am very mindful of every single almond I use and eat.

Although many of my wise and very conscious friends have boycotted buying almonds, I decided to not give up eating almonds myself. I choose to use them as good medicine. The same way I treat all endangered plant species. With these three intentions:

1. Use with the Divine attitude or Bhav.

2. Learn, understand, respect, and integrate the healing benefits.

3. Consume mindfully.

Will this stop the drought and the fact that almonds use up a considerable amount of the precious water supply? No. But it will keep the species circulating in the inter-relationship of seed-being to human-being. It will also encourage other creative eco-solutions, both for the water as well as the intelligent growing location of almonds. I believe this and have witnessed this in the plant world.

And so, I make my own almond milk, I also enjoy almond butter on my toast and eat 7 soaked, peeled almonds in the morning for good nutrition.