Memory Herbs to Remember!

Memory Herbs to Remember!

Green gems of nature let me remember you as you remember me. 

Everything about you says miracle and then I forget.

I forget I can call on you when I lose my mind,
lose my peace, lose my memory.

And then there you are.

Brahmi, you are Than Kuni
Divine Creative Energy. Shakti of Cosmic Consciousness.


There are two distinct herbs primarily used in Ayurveda to restore and rejuvenate the health of the brain. These delicate yet powerful gems of nature have been used for centuries and are backed by science for boosting memory, focus, and cognitive function, improving mood, reducing stress, strengthening the adrenals, healing wounds and chronic skin conditions. Also used for promoting a healthy scalp and shining hair, and known as the most important herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells.

A lot has been clarified for me as I delve into the world of Brahmi to share with you.

If you’ve heard of Brahmi, you may also have heard of it being interchangeably called Gotu kola. Many have experienced confusion around this seeming mystery  whether Gotu kola is actually the same plant as Brahmi.

Allow me to demystify this and confirm that these are two distinct herbs both worth knowing about. In certain parts of India Gotu kola is referred to as Brahmi. To alay confusion when describing the herbs, Brahmi is called by it’s botanical name Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) and Gotu kola (Mandukaparni in Sanskrit) is referred to as Centella (Centella Asiatica).

Renowned as the herb/s of longevity with healing and balancing properties known to rejuvenate the entire system these two brain tonics have many benefits in common with a few subtle differences.

Both Gotu kola and Brahmi have a bitter and sweet taste (Rasa), cooling energy (Virya) and sweet post-digestive effect (Vipaka). Brahmi is slightly more warming and as a long-term herb is more balancing to Vata dosha. Gotu kola is more pacifying for Pitta dosha. Both herbs are generally Tridoshic and can be used as a restorative tonic to bring harmony to the physical, mental and emotional bodies.



Gotu Kola is interestingly cerebellum shaped. If we understand and observe how we reflect nature with it’s intelligent blueprint we will see how certain plants mirror the shapes and have an affinity to the different organs or tissues in our body. These plant medicines are designed to heal, support and restore us to our most vital self. Gotu kola of course is designed to heal and sustain our brain function.