Your Life Credo in Two Words

Your Life Credo in Two Words

Last weekend I attended a beautiful secular barmitzvah celebration where three boys and three girls had the inspiring task of coming up with and sharing their life credo.

For a thirteen year old that’s quite something to think about. THEY WERE AWESOME! They based it on their values and experiences that held the most meaning to them and then they crystallized it into the essence in two words. This was their declaration of how they intend to move forward in this world. Holding those two words as their North Star guiding them with integrity and reminding them when they fall off the path of their commitment. They then lit two candles, one for each word to seal in their commitment before witnesses. Beautiful. I was inspired. I started thinking about what two words would describe my life credo.

In two words? Gulp! If you, like me suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) you will realize that this is no small feat. There are so many words.

I created a simple credo-guide worksheet to help you come up with yours. I used this to create mine and after I went through the simple process my seed-words popped into my head as BLOSSOM + INSPIRE. Even as I write this I can think of several other words but the trick is connecting, and then choosing and then once we decide, committing. Not wavering. This is how we need to approach our daily wellness practice if we truly want to see transformation and blossoming. I intend to nourish, water, anoint and honour this credo and watch as they move me to pollinate love in all directions.

OUR CREDO SUPPORTS OUR PRACTICE and our commitment. This simple worksheet is a catalyst to help you begin thinking about the process and crystallize your personal Credo. You can download it here.