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    magical plant essences
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    “Happiness held is the seed: Happiness shared is the flower”

    John Harrigan



    The AromaDosha Blueprint is a blissfully simple self-discovery system transforming your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health through daily aromatic Ayurvedic practices.

    AYURVEDA+AROMATHERAPY+AROMANUTRITION, are mystically and energetically linked in mind/body/spirit medicine to holistically nurture your health.

    By applying this simple method you will experience how daily joyful engagement with the aromatic spices/herbs/foods/plant essences, plays a potent role in illuminating and transforming:

    • addictive behaviors
    • emotional/mental patterns

    • resistance to change,
    • physical restrictions.

    This frees you up and paves the way for your delightful life journey.

    You will learn about your dosha (mind/body constitution) and how a daily customizable AromaDosha self-care plan can support a delicious life of vitality. You will go deeper into the Ayurvedic philosophies and practices. This will offer you a foundation for profound personal understanding of these beautiful modalities and how they powerfully intertwine for your transformation.



    Ayurvedic Aromatherapy online course outline

    The AromaDosha Blueprint is the most innovative, practical and systematic online learning experience on Ayurvedic aromatherapy and aromanutrition.

    This empowering life-affirming course brings intentional structure and commitment to your daily practice with the purpose of detoxifying, healing and nourishing as you live your most blissed life.

    Through video, audio, journals, recipes, exercises, online community, email access and your own beautiful AromaDosha Kit with essential oils and spices, you will learn a step-by step daily practice customized to your personal Ayurvedic blueprint.

    8 MODULES will take you deep into the practical life-arts of aromatic Ayurvedic wisdom. With the utmost pleasure you will begin to notice shifts from the very first week as you prepare to RELEASE toxins, RENEW your faith in yourself, and TRANSCEND your wildest dreams of great health, bountiful love, and spiritual awareness.

    MODULE 1

    Ayurveda Aromatica: Introduction to Ayurvedic aromatherapy and aromanutrition

    Aligned with your truth and the cosmic wisdom, you are a reflection of light, a force of nature connected to the one vital life force. Find your truth and simply be that.

    1. The 5 great elements through the eyes of aromatic Ayurveda. How this applies to you.

    2. Your personal Dosha of Discovery: Through the lens of Mind. Body. Heart. Spirit

    3. Ama and Agni: Toxins and the transformative fire of healing. Releasing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toxins and the dragon-fire warrior in your belly.

    4. Journals, calendars, shopping list

    MODULE 2

    Innovating with Aromatic Wisdom: The AromaDosha Blueprint.

    Introduction to The AromaDosha Blueprint: A practical and customizable system of aromatic wellness and daily practice for your personal body type/dosha. With specific herbs, spices, super-foods, and plant essences, along with accessible practices, you will feel harmony and transformation flowing into every part of your life.

    1. The Full AromaDosha template for Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Tridosha

    2. The Four portals of transformation:
    Nourish the BODY: Your physical wellbeing. Your vitality factor
    Illuminate the MIND: Your mental state. Your peace factor
    Harmonize the HEART: Your emotions. Your love factor
    Free the SPIRIT: Your connection to the Divine. Your bliss factor

    3. The Four vehicles of aromanutrition: SPICES. HERBS. SUPER-FOODS. PLANT ESSENCES

    4. Prajnaparadha: Understanding, forgiving, and transforming your ‘crimes against wisdom’

    5. Sattva. Joy of being and what foods, sensations, impressions, and practices bring in the light.

    MODULE 3

    The AromaDosha Blueprint 1: The radiant BODY temple

    How to use your Blueprint to detoxify, nourish and restore your BODY.

    1. Daily spices, herbs, foods and essences blueprint to respect, and revitalize your living temple.

    2. Aroma-Rasa. Aroma-nutrition. The essence of taste, the nectar of happiness.

    3. Energetics of the Six Tastes. Building the body-beautiful, the mind sublime.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes.

    MODULE 4

    The AromaDosha Blueprint 2: The Fragrant MIND Medicine

    Come, let us gently peel off the complex layers of the thinking mind and find the seed of our consciousness so we may remove all suffering

    1. Harmonizing and illuminating the mind: Daily spices, herbs, foods and essences for your blueprint to focus and strengthen the mind. The mind is freed through intentional aromatic practices to re-groove negative thoughts and old patterns into positive habits.

    2. Awakening the light of the mind/consciousness through the 3 vital essences: PRANA (elemental life breath), TEJAS (fire of intelligence), OJAS (Essential vitality)

    3. Aromatic mantras for Vata/Pitta/Kapha: By pairing mantra with aromatic essences it is possible to purify inner and outer environments bringing higher awareness and deeper practice.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes.

    MODULE 5

    The AromaDosha Blueprint 3: The Jewel of the Lotus is in the HEART.

    Our behaviours, our moods, and even our addictions can be linked to scent. Scent is related to desire and our emotions are a result of fulfilled or unfulfilled desires. The AromaDosha Blueprint for your heart can gently restore you to equanimity through daily self-are practices.

    1. Harmonize the heart. Daily spices, herbs, foods and essences for your blueprint to open and connect with the heart. Drink the nectar of love through your heart and free yourself from trapped emotions.

    2. The scent of Desire: Your AromaDosha Desire Blueprint and the intimate link between scent and your emotions. Your sensuality, sexuality and falling madly in love with YOU.

    3. Mood-altering aromatic meditations: Fragrant heart practices for stabilizing emotions and connecting with how you want to feel.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes, fragrant love potions and elixirs.

    MODULE 6

    The AromaDosha Blueprint 4: The Evolution of SPIRIT.

    AWAKE! One conscious breath entwined with a fragrance so divine as to transport your spirit to eternal ecstacy.

    1. Freedom of the SPIRIT: The nectar of immortality. Daily spices, herbs, foods and essences for your blueprint to find your true path and higher calling.

    2. Aromatic pranayama – the breath of life. 3 transformative breathing practices to elevate Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The space-in-between, the giver of bliss, shining into the light.

    3. The Inner fragrance medicine: Working with the aromatic essences in sacred ceremony and ritual releases us from the mundane way of thinking and living and brings us to our sweet inner fragrance – the ultimate self-realization.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes, the transcendence practices.

    MODULE 7

    The AromaDosha Blueprint 5: Seasons of Scent

    Seasonal change brings changes in the external environment as well as in the body and the mind. Ayurvedic aromatherapy practices offer wisdom for gracefully transitioning with harmony and vitality.

    1. Changing seasons and your dosha. Seasonal spices, herbs, foods and essences for your blueprint shows you how to flourish and easily navigate nature’s fluctuations.

    2. Seasons of our life: Riding the aromatic waves of the changing tides by aligning with nature.

    3. SOMA, the oceanic flow of bliss. Accessing these nourishing energies to sustain you through the seasons.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes, seasonal cleanse.

    MODULE 8

    The AromaDosha Blueprint in Action: You got this!

    1. A complete step-by-step daily routine for your personal self-care practices for life.

    2. Mapping your journey to an inspired life, utilizing your unique aromatic toolbox Complete lists of the herbs, spices, super-foods, essential oils and how to create a fun and flexible daily plan for yourself that works.

    3. Final ceremony and ritual to seal in your practices, acknowledging your passage through obstacles \ into manifesting transformation and higher learning.

    4. Practices, journal, recipes, questions.


    I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiring teacher. I am in awe of you and your teachings and you were by far my favorite!!
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