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What is the Spice Life?

A living relationship with wild
and sacred beauty.
The aromatic botanicals,
the rhythmic and enduring cycles of
nature, our conscious interaction with
life-affirming magic and mystery
of Earth’s fragrant blessings.

By honouring ourselves
through practicing her wise ways,
we can enjoy a beautiful and
purposeful way of being. 

We live this through
Ayurveda’s wisdom,
awakening in us
the knowledge of LOVING
our best life.

The Spice Life is pleased to offer you
Ayurvedic aromatherapy
online learning experiences
and wellness events.


Academy Aromatica

Academy Aromatica
Online Courses

Spice Lounge

Spice Lounge
Aromatic Gatherings

Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ayurvedic Cleanses
Guided Wellness


Aromadosha Blueprint Online Course

The Aromadosha Blueprint Online Learning Experience






A simple and practical self-discovery journey learning step-by-step to transform your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through daily aromatic Ayurvedic practices personally customized to you!

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The Spice Life Spice Mistress and bowl
The Spice Life grinding stones

Journal of Aromatic Wisdom

Aromatic Ayurvedic wisdom and more…

Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Chai

Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Chai

Hello beautiful soul The celestial bodies are blessing us with an auspicious occasion in the early part of the year. This morning, Wednesday January 31,  2018  the first Super Blue Blood Moon and full Lunar eclipse since 1844 graced the sky. You may, like me find...

Cacao: Real, Raw & Spiced

Cacao: Real, Raw & Spiced

You know those things you love and are attached to and have a hard time letting go of? Maybe because, well addiction or nostalgia or you just can't imagine your life without it. Well I'm like that with chocolate. Every sworn abstinence just leads me back even...

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