A Shake-It-Up Ecstatic Weekend Getaway

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Hello beautiful movers and shakers. When last did you really take off your constraints and let yourself move, dance, shake, groove, engage, relish, share, commune, transform, belly-laugh?

Getting into the incredible feeling of freedom in your body is something to put on your wish list. Nothing my gorgeous, makes you feel quite so alive, liberated, and rejuvenated as allowing your body, mind, and soul to moooooooooooooooove to the music.

Remember? Was it at your cousins wedding that you let yourself go fantastically wild on the dance floor? Was it the local club lounge when you shimmied tantalizingly in the corner, moving your hips in a slow, simmering fashion? Was it your kitchen floor that became your stage where you tangoed with your broom as your aromatic three-bean chili bubbled spicily on the stove? (that’d be me!)

I’m super excited to invite you to do it again. But wilder, free-er, and this time with a fantastic community of fun, frolicking, fabulous women. And it includes movement for the mind and ALL the senses.

All this moving beauty is what we like to call The Spice Life.

Pack your sassy little weekend bag, get ready for some hip-happening mojo, and blues-busting magic. You are coming with me and Mel to beautiful Victoria to the 2016 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit presented by Bellyfit®  and elate cosmetics™ and I promise it is going to be sublime!



I’m personally so excited and honoured to be presenting at this incredible Summit!

Mark your calendar for SEPTEMBER 17-18 and register with this special link. You will receive a yummy 5% discount for the weekend when you enter the code: bellyfitsummit5 when registering.

I will be teaching two aromatic, sensually enlivening workshops over the weekend:

The Divine Essence
Aromatic Ayurveda for creativity, courage, and joy.

Your true self-expression can be stifled or trapped in a body/mind full of conflict, and old habits. Like the soul-essence of the aromatic plant medicine, we too have an inner fragrance.

Discover how this powerful beauty is distilled through breath and expressed through our spirit. Surrender to the enchantment of sacred aromatic oils, with each fragrant breath finding freedom and tapping into your own Divine Essence

The Spice Life™
Discover Your AromaDosha Blueprint™

Learn how to implement an easy to follow Ayurvedic health and self-care plan to detoxify, rejuvenate, and flourish within every aspect of yourself. In the sensual world of plant essences, aromatic foods, herbs and spices, we will look at Ayurvedic practices intentionally aligned with:

SPIRIT: Awaken your connection to the divine: Your Bliss factor.

HEART: Connect with and balance your emotions: Your Love factor.

MIND: Calm your mental state: Your Peace factor.

BODY: Rejuvenate your physical wellbeing: Your vitality factor

You will leave with a bluepint that you can immediately practice and begin to experience profound transformation, unleashing and harnessing your inner and outer beauty one aromatic day at a time.


Enjoy lectures, workshops, movement, performances, shopping, relaxation and fun with me and over 30 other world-class health and fitness experts sharing essential tips, tools and techniques for the body & life you desire & deserve.

I’d absolutely love to see you in person for this incredible event, but if that’s not possible, this year Bellyfit® is introducing a DIGITAL PASS!!

This DIGITAL PASS will give you LIVE REMOTE ACCESS so you can enjoy watching and learning online no matter where you are on the globe! You’ll also have links of the recorded video in your inbox within days of the event so you can watch it on your own time.

Not only will these be a ‘ME TIME’ getaway to move you into an empowered joyful place but Victoria BC is one of the most stunning places to visit for an extended trip away from it all. We are super-excited to see you there. REGISTER NOW and choose your sessions because these workshops will fill fast.

And let us know in the comments below what your favourite memory of shaking-it-up is…

Shimmy-full love and fragrant blessings,
Glynn and Mel


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