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written by Glynnis
28 Jun, 2016
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Last weekend I attended a beautiful secular barmitzvah celebration where three boys and three girls had the inspiring task of coming up with and sharing their life credo.

For a thirteen year old that’s quite something to think about. THEY WERE AWESOME! They based it on their values and experiences that held the most meaning to them and then they crystallized it into the essence in two words. This was their declaration of how they intend to move forward in this world. Holding those two words as their North Star guiding them with integrity and reminding them when they fall off the path of their commitment. They then lit two candles, one for each word to seal in their commitment before witnesses. Beautiful. I was inspired. I started thinking about what two words would describe my life credo.

In two words? Gulp! If you, like me suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) you will realize that this is no small feat. There are so many words.

I created a simple credo-guide worksheet to help you come up with yours. I used this to create mine and after I went through the simple process my seed-words popped into my head as BLOSSOM + INSPIRE. Even as I write this I can think of several other words but the trick is connecting, and then choosing and then once we decide, committing. Not wavering. This is how we need to approach our daily wellness practice if we truly want to see transformation and blossoming. I intend to nourish, water, anoint and honour this credo and watch as they move me to pollinate love in all directions.

OUR CREDO SUPPORTS OUR PRACTICE and our commitment. This simple worksheet is a catalyst to help you begin thinking about the process and crystallize your personal Credo. You can download it here.


Crystalize. This is the powerhouse law of success in life. All the coaches out there whether in sports, business, career or relationships, tell us the same thing. Get crystal clear on what you want, what you stand for, and who you are when all gunk has been removed, the veils have been lifted, the doubts have been resolved. This happens through daily practice of your intentional routine with intentional committed actions stemming from your visionary credo.

It’s a process to turn your entire value system, hopes, dreams, mantras, goals, desires, ethics, ideals into two words. Focused and intentional.

Now choosing only two words to declare your unique life manifesto takes commitment. It takes editing. It takes getting over FOMO. It takes knowing who you are and what you want to contribute.


A seed does not suffer from the dilemmas of doubt. It knows it’s purpose. Its true potential will depend on the soil, the water, the sun, the environment, and growing  conditions. We also have these conditions with one difference. We have choice.

We have the free will to make choices about the food we eat, the way we treat others, the care we take in taking care, the impressions we ingest, the thoughts we think. Whereas the seed is at the mercy of the elements. It’s own life force pushes through which is why in nature you will see the craziest things. You will see nature miraculously pushing through adversity because of its essential life force.

Our human life force is boosted by our practice. Our daily practice where we choose to think positive thoughts. We choose to eat foods that are vibrant, nourishing, aligned with the seasons. We choose to listen to uplifting music, sounds, words. We choose to move in a way that opens us, stretches us out, softens and firms us up and makes us flexible. We choose to commit when we can honestly ask ourselves what do I want?

When our actions are not aligned with what we want we fail to grow, flourish and blossom. We don’t feel joy.

When we have a life-affirming credo, a way we decide to live according to our values, goals, and desires, that then creates our reality. It is the Law of Attraction. We attract what we put out.


What is your credo? IN TWO WORDS? Please share your credo in the comments below. We would love to know and you will inspire others to create theirs!

With fragrant Blessings!

Glynn and Mel

Ps. The AromaDosha Blueprint online learning experience is coming very soon. Are you ready to commit to transforming your life and your health? Take the Credo Quiz first and begin to set intentions that can help you shift resistance to your practice and plant the seeds for a garden of blissful manifestation.





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