Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

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I openly declare that I am indisputably greedy at the banquet of life.

This is an expression that I use often. Over the years I have inhaled learning everything I can around the healing arts of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and aromanutrition. I relish all the life-giving, health-supporting foods, herbs, spices, aromatic essences and super-foods. I have taken on multiple projects and businesses. My tendency to wanting it all, experiencing it all, expressing it all has led me to juggling too much all at once. This has often led to confusion, frustration, and overload. And that has at times derailed my deeper practices.

Can you relate? Great health, creative inspiration, financial success, transformational experiences, sublime love, spiritual enrichment, divine food, phenomenal skills, and actionable knowledge around your best practices so you can enjoy the freedom of your fulfilled desires.



I’ve had the good fortune to have ‘stumbled’ into the Ayurvedic lifestyle in my early adulthood. Through my study and teaching I have enjoyed and benefitted from an abundance of practices and tools that have helped me navigate through the peaks and valleys of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing plus the demands of daily living.

I am devoted to the idea of transformation and have always understood that focus, discipline, and tapas (which means ‘glow’ or ‘heat’ and refers to self-discipline, the fire of your committed daily practice) is required to experience a fully energized, conscious and vital life in body, mind, and spirit. It is required if you desire emotional and mental freedom. Freedom from the fluctuations and suffering that comes from unawareness, confusion and overwhelm. Ironically, both freedom to fulfill your desires and freedom from your desires.

This is the great roller-coaster ride of seeing your dreams and desires just out of reach, touching that feeling of exquisite awareness for a flash and then falling back again into the frustration of grasping.

I have personally learned what for most of us gets in the way of discipline and keeps us a fine hairs breadth from our desire for transformation.

1. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

2. Confusion

3. Distraction

4. Lack of focus

Which leads to paralysis and then guilt and then frustration. And then leads to taking even more on. Because after all we want it all.

Oh sweet friends I know you can you relate because I have heard this same dilemma from clients and students and friends over the years.

I had an epiphany around this which came after a car accident I was in last July. Rear-ended with my car a complete write off. I felt so out of control. Chronic pain and restriction from whiplash has been my daily teacher and I had to contemplate what was on my plate and how it was possible to have everything I desired – maybe just not all at the same time.

I started prioritizing what I needed to focus on to start my next phase of business and health and I looked very closely at my daily routines. My non-negotiables being meditation, walking, yoga stretching, oiling my body, and preparing good food for the day. Oh and not to forget a good nights sleep. I could see where I was missing the boat. I knew what to eat, what herbs and spices to use, what aromatherapy practices to engage in. but it was somewhat random and I needed a focused plan to keep me on track. And then I could stoke the flames of tapas with clarity.

That’s where I had the AHA! The two-part solution to succeeding with having it all, making our choices count for a life of freedom. Blissful, joyful, playful, healthful, energized, empowered, conscious daily freedom.


And that’s when the AromaDosha Blueprint popped into my head.

A flexible but focused system of mindful nutrition and aromatherapy practices daily. A personal blueprint based on the Ayurvedic wisdom of wellbeing. Present and intentional daily wellbeing aligned with the doshas and the seasons.  Simply mapped out with focus on integrating foods, spices, herbs, and aromatherapy for a daily practice. And then the support for going deeper to understand and integrate the practices.

The desired goal? A plan to detoxify, rebalance, nourish, and rejuvenate MIND, BODY, HEART, SPIRIT. Every day. Simply and joyfully. Intentionally.

I have been offering bits of this elegant lifestyle blueprint in my previous *blogs and cannot wait to fully share this system with you in our upcoming September online course. It is world-rocking and life-changing. Get ready.

Let us know in the comments below what you may specifically desire to be included in the course that would most benefit YOU!


With Fragrant Blessings,
Glynn and Mel

AromaDosha Blueprint™
*Revisit our blogs and begin to incorporate one by one into your daily practice



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