For The Love of Roses!

written by Glynnis
4 May, 2016
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The morning path I walk along is a fragrant half mile-long wild rose garden. This morning my walk had me in rosy raptures. As I nuzzled my nose into the heart of the flowers the petals softly fell around my face and then into my hands. The pink perfume filled my lungs with a fragrant life-force.

Have you ever stopped and inhaled slowly into a rose, visualizing the aromatic magic filling your entire being with a certain color of knowing? This is medicine for opening the heart to love and filling the mind with optimistic energy. You go try be grumpy around such beauty. Roses will adore you with their softness so you cannot even think of anything but love.

Inspired I decided to take my gathered rose petals and create a rose water infusion. Simple yet sublime. 


Pouring this delicate rose infusion over myself concluded my morning Ayurvedic practice of oiling my body before a hot shower. I felt completely refreshed and embraced by beauty.

  1. Add rose petals to a jar.
  2. Fill with boiled water.
  3. Allow to steep/infuse for at least half an hour
  4. Cool down to room temp.
  5. Strain out roses and use infusion to rinse your body – pouring over your head like a waterfall.

Try it. If you cannot find fresh roses you can use dried.

And there is nothing and yet so much more to say about the rose:

• Calms and cools inflammation in the skin, organs and all bodily tissues.

• Aphrodisiac. Restores the reproductive system. Evokes a loving mood.

• Strengthens the nervous system. Relieves anxiety, depression, and stress.

• Cleanses and purifies the blood.

• Astringent tonic to beautify the skin.

• LOVE. It’s all about LOVE.

I have been slowly introducing over the last many blogs  the Tridoshic AromaDosha Blueprint™ These beautiful roses perfectly show how you can use this blueprint to create an intentional routine designed to make you feel amazing every single day.


The idea is to focus on including a mosaic of aromanutrition and aromatherapy into your diet and daily practices to balance your personal Ayurvedic mind/body type. You may have experienced confusion about how to implement a self-care preventative health plan for your vibrant longevity. The AromaDosha Blueprint gives you a flexible and easy to follow way to incorporate these transformative practices into your life.

A quick story about why I created this blueprint.

Over the years of learning, teaching, and implementing the Ayurvedic practices in my life I realized I needed help. I was engaging in the dinacharya (daily routine) and yet noticed I was easily led astray with distractions, busy days, and frustration about how to refine and stick to a committed, life-enhancing daily routine. I believe in having incredible health in mind and body and I want to be around long enough to reach enlightenment : )

I am a Pitta type and work best with a plan that I can focus on and see results over time. My aromanutrition was lacking and I started to get very strategic with putting together a daily pleasure practice that made me feel great no matter what.

This is where I noticed that I was choosing aromatherapy, herbs, foods, and spices daily in a very intentional way and things were clicking into place.

It’s working!

I am feeling a slow and steady transformation taking place as these practices become habits. They are flexible, expanding, inspiring and so helpful in staying committed. It takes time for habits to form and with this blueprint there is rarely confusion around what to do.

The AromaDosha Blueprint came out of that.

Here is a sample Spring day from the Tridoshic AromaDosha Blueprint™ to show you how simple it can be.

For my SPIRIT: Ghee. I apply ghee to my morning toast and add it to my food, sauté my veggies in it or add a teaspoon to warm almond milk an hour before bed. Ghee is sattvic and as such adds purity and lightness to my SPIRIT.

For my HEART: Rose Flowers. My daily afternoon tea is a rose petal infusion and I anoint my heart chakra with rose oil before my meditation. I keep a rose water hydrosol/mister in the fridge to clear my emotions if I start to feel imbalanced and want to clear negative emotions and connect with positive ones. I do a weekly rose petal (fresh or dried) infusion in water to use as a rinse in my shower. Roses bring peace, love, and beauty to my HEART.

For my MIND: Coriander. I toast and crush coriander seeds and make an aromatic tea infusion in the morning to clear and cool my mind. I add coriander seeds or powder to my food. Coriander calms, grounds, and heals digestive imbalances, allowing my MIND to relax and find clarity.

For my BODY: Greens. I include organic greens of all kinds into my daily diet to cleanse my liver while bringing important vitamins and minerals to my body. I add protein-rich Spirulina to my smoothies to strengthen and support my muscle tissue and my entire BODY. Lavender. I add lavender essential oil to my bath for relaxation as well as adding a few drops to my diffuser to purify my environment.

Dear friend, this is only ONE AromaDosha Blueprint scenario of dozens. The idea is to keep it simple so you can assess over time how the various substances are benefitting you. I suggest adding new foods/herbs/spices/EO’s from the blueprint once a week or every few weeks so you can have diversity and pleasure in your daily routine and be mindful as you introduce each one.

If you know someone who you think would benefit, please share this blog with them. Like a gift of roses, a gift of health is beyond measure.

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

May your beautiful heart laugh in full-blown beauty!

With Fragrant Blessings,

Glynn and Mel




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  1. kimberley

    I have always thought of roses as being royal, luxurious, and posh….and now I am aware of the depth of the impact on my spirit, soul, mind and body from you incredibly and delicious blog this morning. I now will collect the petals as they fall to make the infusion. I have always thought it such a waste to see the petals on the ground, and now they will be rescued to share more love….thank you for this wonderful blog filled with so much information and caring….the Tridoshic blueprint is magic!

    • Glynnis

      Oh how divine Kimberley! Thank YOU! I absolutely LOVE that and so agree about the waste of rose petals on the ground. I love how much you are enjoying the blog and I am so grateful for you and your appreciation. I appreciate you : )

      Fragrant Blessings!


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