Stellar Dispeller! The star of the spice world.

Stellar Dispeller! The star of the spice world.

Excited to bring you another card in the SPICE WISDOM DECK with just the essentials and all you need to know when getting to befriend this most gorgeous of spices.

spice-deckstaranisespice-deck2staranise8 Petalled Star

staraniseflowertoseedStar Anise is an absolute fave spice of mine in and out of the kitchen. SO many incredible benefits and of course the beauty of it all. The perfect star has 8 ‘petals’ or carpals and is splayed in an exquisite floral star-like pattern. I have fallen in love with both its stark beauty and intriguing complex flavour. 

Once you bring this aromatic spice into your life you will use it often as it has so many incredible benefits to compliment its unique and sweetly alluring scent. Start by making this chai,  a warm and sweetly spicy libation just in time for the gorgeous Fall season. A must try! I have this almost daily in the cooler months as an uplifting tonic.


Enjoy and stay tuned for more cards in the Spice Wisdom Deck!

Love and Starry Fragrant Blessings,

Glynn and Mel

Golden Ghee. The Nourishing Essence of the Sun.

Golden Ghee. The Nourishing Essence of the Sun.

The alchemy of nature’s intelligence turns you into liquid gold.
You are the generosity of the cow, the chariot of plant medicine,
the golden temple of healing light. You are the essence of the sun.

I have listened to the sounds of rain in my ghee pot for over 18 years. My teacher Maya Tiwari, founder of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, taught us to listen for the undulating rhythms and sounds of bubbling rain. From a gentle shower gurgling up into a thunderstorm and then back again to a softly glistening drizzle, and then the alchemy is complete. When I can see clear through the golden liquid to the bottom of the pot I know it is done. Usually that takes about twenty minutes.

I have been experimenting with adding spices into my ghee and letting them meld aromatically with the golden liquid during the clarifying process. As ghee is a known vehicle for herbs, spices and medicines directly into the tissues, adding these to the ghee while cooking increases these substances potency. Turmeric, cardamom, coriander, fennel, black pepper, and ginger all went in to make a powerful digestive ghee. (RECIPES at the end)