Your Equinox Spice Oracle has spoken.

Your Equinox Spice Oracle has spoken.

Fall Greetings Beautiful Soul.


At 6.30am this morning, I pulled a Spice Oracle Card with a prayer for all beings everywhere. This was the exact time (Pacific Time) of the 2020 Autumnal Equinox. Magic happens at such an hour on such a Celestial occasion and so I suppose, although enchanted,  I was not very surprised when I pulled the Sesame card.



Ground yourself in meditation.
This is your message and your medicine.
Plant the seeds of deep understanding
by connecting to the cosmic energy,
the giver of all life.

Here you will find true nourishment.


Sesame spice-medicine has a very aligned message and some serious magic for us at this auspicious time in our human evolution, and also in the seasonal shift we are experiencing now in the Northern Hemisphere. You see, Autumn or Fall, however you name this season, is when the Vata elements of Air and Ether are presiding and in order to remain grounded, stable, and sane, we need Sesame. And other Vata-pacifying food and lifestyle practices.


If you understand the effects of Vata and the Doshas, you will already be noticing the elevated qualities of this ethereal, mobile, light, quick, dry, cold, erratic force of nature. Vata is VAYU which means Wind. The Sanskrit word Vata literally means ‘blown’ and Vayu, ‘blower.’ So we have the blown and the blower, and this is what can knock us off our course, derange our thoughts, unsettle our hearts, and make us feel as if we are flying wildly and without direction, in an uncontrollable vaccuum of fear, anxiety, exhaustion, and confusion, especially during the Fall season.


So Sesame Medicine is true nourishment.  The kind that comes from the deep and consistent practice of meditation. What a perfect Spice Oracle for this day, this season, this human life. Rather than being blown about by the winds of change, we can find ever-present, unchangeable peace and serenity by tuning in every day to the Giver of all life through a daily meditation practice. 


Sesame tells us to chew our life experiences well, to grind our seeds of practice into a nourishing life habit. When you chew well on the seeds, you can properly absorb the myriad vitamins and minerals it provides. When you patiently grind sesame seeds, you make tahini, a creamy paste that is easy to digest, tastes delicious, and feels nourishing. We also produce a sublime substance with similar qualities, through our meditation practice, it is called SOMA, the nectar of bliss-awakening.


Ah, I am on a path of sharing profound wisdom this morning, bestowed on me by my aromatic spice companions. I also realized that pulling the Sesame Oracle Card, was synchronistic with the just-launched Autumn issue of Maple Magazine. My Ayurvedic article in there for the season was all about, ya you guessed it, Sesame!

In the article I talk about how tila or sesame seeds are named in the Vedas, as seeds of immortality. In Ayurveda, this refers to the rich and fortifying nutrition, and life-giving qualities of the food and oil that comes from the seed. They boost our ojas or immunity, and bless us with longevity. They are a rasayana, a sacred restorative food.

Through external oiling of the body with sesame oil, and internal nutrition of the seed as a spice, we gain double-benefits for our healthy state of being, body, mind and soul.

Sesame is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and a high level of plant protein. How do you include this in your daily diet? Gently toast and blend the seeds with other spices and sprinkle lavishly on warming grains, soups, stews, and kitchari. Spread the paste on earthy whole-grain bread or make a dressing/sauce for your sweet roasted root veggies.

Thank you Sesame for blessing us all with your message today, and with your grounding nourishment every day. My lovely friends, I wish you the true Nourishment of the season, and steadfast mojo for your Fall meditations.

Fragrant Blessings,
Your Spice Mistress, Glynnis xo


Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

I openly declare that I am indisputably greedy at the banquet of life.

This is an expression that I use often. Over the years I have inhaled learning everything I can around the healing arts of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and aromanutrition. I relish all the life-giving, health-supporting foods, herbs, spices, aromatic essences and super-foods. I have taken on multiple projects and businesses. My tendency to wanting it all, experiencing it all, expressing it all has led me to juggling too much all at once. This has often led to confusion, frustration, and overload. And that has at times derailed my deeper practices.

Can you relate? Great health, creative inspiration, financial success, transformational experiences, sublime love, spiritual enrichment, divine food, phenomenal skills, and actionable knowledge around your best practices so you can enjoy the freedom of your fulfilled desires.



We All Deserve the Gold. Turmeric. The One Medicine.

We All Deserve the Gold. Turmeric. The One Medicine.

And that is my ode to the Beloved Turmeric plant. One of the most highly studied and revered of the Ayurvedic healing spices. Of late it has been gilding my kitchen counter and fingertips with its luminous stain as I juice, grate, chop, slice, sprinkle, and blend it into EVERYTHING.

I am obsessed.

The obsession started because of stubborn inflammation in my neck from whiplash. Accupuncture, massage, compresses, and warm Ayurvedic oils were helping but only symptomatically. I knew this was an inside job. I decided to dramatically up the dosage of turmeric in my diet. I have always cooked with turmeric and also added it occasionally to aloe juice or smoothies to reap the blood-purifying benefits especially in the warmer months.

I wanted to enhance the effects as an anti-inflammatory so on top of the regular turmeric in my diet of one to two teaspoons I increased the daily amount by adding 500mg of supplemental curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proven to protect and improve the vitality of practically every organ in the body. Although this spice offers miraculous outcomes curcumin is not easily bio-available and needs help with absorption into the blood stream. Black pepper (piperine) serves this purpose.


Meet The AROMADOSHA Blueprint™

Meet The AROMADOSHA Blueprint™

Your personal guide to fragrant blessings and living the good life every day.

With intentional scribbles, extensive exploration, and some serious creative visioning… something new and decidedly aromatic is being alchemically magicked up for you.

It’s in the works! The development of a comprehensive AromaDosha Blueprint™ where you can simply determine your unique relationship to scent and the aromatic plants, spices, essences, and foods that detoxify, heal, and rejuvenate…

I’m excited to share my deep experience and a practical system of aromatic wellness for your personal body type/dosha.  This is a customizable sensual and practical journey of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life through the lens of:

HERBS • SPICES • FOODS • EO’s (essential oils)

i n t e n t i o n a l l y  a l i g n e d  w i t h

SPIRIT: Your connection to the divine. Your Bliss factor.

HEART: Your emotions. Your Love factor.

MIND: Your mental state. Your Happiness factor.

BODY: Your physical wellbeing, Your Energy factor