Manifest your wildest flowers! Pink Full Moon Masala.

Manifest your wildest flowers! Pink Full Moon Masala.

Fulll Pink Moon Masala

Make your full moon wish. Declare your intention.
Manifest the wild scatterings of your dream seeds.

Does it feel that no matter how hard you try, how much you pray, how well intended your actions are, that you cannot manifest the one thing you truly desire? Then this Pink Full Moon is for you my gorgeous friend.

The April Spring full moon’s pink colour represents the blossoming of the flowers that appear soon after the last Winter chill. No flower can bloom without the planting of seeds or the wild scattering of so many dreams, and this gives us hope. 

I too have struggled at times with the feeling of not achieving the full blossoming of some of my creative endeavours – they may have been utterly beautiful, useful, of service, and yet their time had not or maybe will never come in this lifetime. So what do I do? I continue to create because I’ve learned that timing is Divine and has nothing to do with our human agenda. And sometimes this is the hardest thing in the world because when we become discouraged we feel like giving up.

Like the full moon our creative desires always rise again. Some manifest, bloom and thrive and others just don’t. Do we stop planting, allowing the landscape of our life to become bleak as we impatiently pull hard at the delicate beauty we have created? Hell no! We plant, we water with patient trust, we imagine the flowers.

The moon always without fail appears in the night sky, and pulls at our most magnificent gifts from within us whether we can see it or not.

For many years I held a Full Moon Masala gathering, where we would chant our desires and grind a spice masala under the light of the full moon with the sound of stone on stone and seed on seed. We would then adorn our food with this lunar-energized blend, manifesting until the next full moon.

This Pink Moon Masala is for you medicine women, kitchen Goddesses, spice healers, moon worshippers, and for you who wish to adorn your food with this moon’s mighty manifesting energy. Make your wish. Declare your intention and sprinkle lavishly knowing that the seeds you plant today will blossom when their time has come.


Lightly toast the whole spices until the volatile oils are aromatically released (so fragrant!)
Add 1 tsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp whole black pepper, 1/2 tsp pink peppercorns, 1 tsp cardamom seeds (not the pods) and grind them together in your mortar and pestle or electric spice/coffee grinder. Toast and then g
rind or ‘crack’ separately 12 TBSP whole sesame seeds, careful not to turn this into a paste. I prefer a ‘textured’ masala and avoid grinding the spices too finely.

Add 1 tsp ground beet powder and 1 tsp finely ground dried rose petals. Optional to add 2 drops of organic geranium oil. Add 1/2 tsp ground Himalayan pink salt. Meld together for a stunningly fragrant pink and spicy Springtime Masala. Sprinkle lavishly over grains, veggies, avocado toast, popcorn with ghee, salads, sandwiches. Adorn your food with pink!

This Spring Masala energizes your true desires and also stimulates the Kapha Dosha to move out of a stuck, cold energy and into strong action.

Chant, whisper, or declare out loud your desires and watch over the month as they flower into your mightiest manifestations.

Happy Pink Moon
Love and fragrant blessings,

Spice Mistress

A Shake-It-Up Ecstatic Weekend Getaway

A Shake-It-Up Ecstatic Weekend Getaway

Hello beautiful movers and shakers. When last did you really take off your constraints and let yourself move, dance, shake, groove, engage, relish, share, commune, transform, belly-laugh?

Getting into the incredible feeling of freedom in your body is something to put on your wish list. Nothing my gorgeous, makes you feel quite so alive, liberated, and rejuvenated as allowing your body, mind, and soul to moooooooooooooooove to the music.

Remember? Was it at your cousins wedding that you let yourself go fantastically wild on the dance floor? Was it the local club lounge when you shimmied tantalizingly in the corner, moving your hips in a slow, simmering fashion? Was it your kitchen floor that became your stage where you tangoed with your broom as your aromatic three-bean chili bubbled spicily on the stove? (that’d be me!)

I’m super excited to invite you to do it again. But wilder, free-er, and this time with a fantastic community of fun, frolicking, fabulous women. And it includes movement for the mind and ALL the senses.

All this moving beauty is what we like to call The Spice Life.

Pack your sassy little weekend bag, get ready for some hip-happening mojo, and blues-busting magic. You are coming with me and Mel to beautiful Victoria to the 2016 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit presented by Bellyfit®  and elate cosmetics™ and I promise it is going to be sublime!



I’m personally so excited and honoured to be presenting at this incredible Summit!


Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

Greedy at the Banquet of Life?

I openly declare that I am indisputably greedy at the banquet of life.

This is an expression that I use often. Over the years I have inhaled learning everything I can around the healing arts of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and aromanutrition. I relish all the life-giving, health-supporting foods, herbs, spices, aromatic essences and super-foods. I have taken on multiple projects and businesses. My tendency to wanting it all, experiencing it all, expressing it all has led me to juggling too much all at once. This has often led to confusion, frustration, and overload. And that has at times derailed my deeper practices.

Can you relate? Great health, creative inspiration, financial success, transformational experiences, sublime love, spiritual enrichment, divine food, phenomenal skills, and actionable knowledge around your best practices so you can enjoy the freedom of your fulfilled desires.



Sugar blues? Cinnamon to the rescue.

Sugar blues? Cinnamon to the rescue.

“…You touched

your belly to my hands

in the dry air and said

I am the cinnamon

peelers wife. Smell me…”


My favourite excerpt from Michael Ondaatje’s poem The Cinnamon Peelers Wife speaks of the lingering sensual essence of cinnamon. I love this poem, it is so full of subtle sensuality and the desire to be the one love marked by your lovers scent.

Cinnamon triggers so many scent memories.

There is no hiding from the bold sweet sensuality of this alluring smell. It is in perfumes that call to the exotic desires of our imagination. It teases us in baked goods, chai’s, and sweets with its irresistible mischief.

Cinnamon, the spice that created legends, stretched borders and moved explorers to risk their lives at sea. It is the middle note in my teenage memory from the popular perfume Cinnabar (remember that?). Estee Lauder described it as a fragrance that fulfills every woman’s yearning for the exotic and mysterious. I remember feeling that way about it entirely.

Can you conjure up this aromatic spice without awakening a delectable memory? Close your eyes. Breathe. There it is.

And not only is it good medicine for a dampened spirit and stirring fervent desires but cinnamon has been revered as an Ayurvedic remedy for the sugar blues and other ailments of body, mind, and spirit.

Cinnamon tea

CINNAMON TEA. 1 tsp cinnamon + 2 cinnamon sticks in 12 oz. hot water. No sweetener.

Here’s why you want some of that good aromatic medicine every day:


Don’t Give Up on Your Beauty

Don’t Give Up on Your Beauty

It is so painful to lament lost beauty and feel like there is nothing to be done. Beauty is individual and personal and has nothing to do with societal preferences or cultural impositions. It has to do with you. It is how you feel and how you feel about yourself that reflects your beauty.

Beauty is health.

In Ayurveda every one of us is created with a unique combination of the 5 elements. Our mind/body type or Dosha is determined at conception. We cannot change this. Ayurveda teaches us to love our beauty, our unique flaws and perfect imperfections exactly as we were created. And it gives us a guide and the tools so that as we grow, change and age we embrace all of it gracefully.

I will say this, it’s hard to do and aging is challenging. At some point or another we are going to feel like giving up on our beauty. You start to notice lines that weren’t there before, things going a little south, bones aching, joints cracking, mind heavy, emotions out of control, weight appearing as if plastered on overnight.

You start to wonder how you can feel great again and take back those days, weeks, months, years of casually ignoring your body, your beauty, your soul yearning for vitality.

There are certain things you can and others that you cannot take back.


It takes the equal amount of time to heal something that it does to diminish something in your body. That’s encouraging. It means that consistent action over time at a steady and moderate level can restore you back to your vibrant healthy self. The sooner you begin a daily practice of intentional healing steps, the sooner you will notice the recovery.

One small intentional practice  done daily will create lasting positive change over the long run.


BODY: How do you feel about your body and your unique beauty?
Where can you restore your physical vitality?

MIND: Do you feel at peace in your mind? Is there clarity, focus, space?
Where can you revitalize your mind?

HEART: What is the measure of your emotional health? Is it joy, bliss, creative expression? Where can you access love?

SPIRIT: Does your spirit feel light, awake, and freely expressed?
Where can you free yourself up?

Get a daily plan in place to restore your four areas of vitality. Tap in to your innate healing power and rediscover your inherent beauty.


For The Love of Roses!

For The Love of Roses!

The morning path I walk along is a fragrant half mile-long wild rose garden. This morning my walk had me in rosy raptures. As I nuzzled my nose into the heart of the flowers the petals softly fell around my face and then into my hands. The pink perfume filled my lungs with a fragrant life-force.

Have you ever stopped and inhaled slowly into a rose, visualizing the aromatic magic filling your entire being with a certain color of knowing? This is medicine for opening the heart to love and filling the mind with optimistic energy. You go try be grumpy around such beauty. Roses will adore you with their softness so you cannot even think of anything but love.

Inspired I decided to take my gathered rose petals and create a rose water infusion. Simple yet sublime.