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    “There is no life without a seed and there is no seed without a life”

    Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita

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    Are We Suffering for Our Crimes Against Wisdom?

    There is a Sanskrit word that means the crimes we commit against ourselves – our crimes against wisdom. Woah. Let’s say that again…deliberate, willful indulgence in unhealthy practices that leads to unbalanced body functions and disease. That pretty much sums it up. Prajna means correct knowledge, while aparadha means transgression or offense. In Ayurveda this…

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    Meet The AROMADOSHA Blueprint™

    Your personal guide to fragrant blessings and living the good life every day. With intentional scribbles, extensive exploration, and some serious creative visioning… something new and decidedly aromatic is being alchemically magicked up for you. It’s in the works! The development of a comprehensive AromaDosha Blueprint™ where you can simply determine your unique relationship to scent and the aromatic plants,…

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    Welcome to The Spice Life

    My life-long friend and soul sister Mel and I have come together on this aromatic journey to share our love of life with you through the inspiring power of the aromatic spices and plant essences. In the Summer of 2015 we embarked on a long and life-changing road trip together. Visions appeared, ideas exploded, and…

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