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    Hello gorgeous friend! HAPPY SOLSTICE, CHRISTMAS AND HANUKKAH!  It is indeed that time of year where I whip out all my fave spices and get very aromatically attuned to the Winter Holiday season. Personally I’ll be celebrating all 3 of these holidays. I’m going to share my spice list with you as well as some…

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    A time to feast and a time to fast

    The auspicious nature of the holidays has me thinking about what it means to both feast with abundance and fast with awareness. In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving with the harvest in early October. This year it is Monday Oct 10th and the very next day at sundown is Yom Kippur. We (those of us observing…

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    Scent-Free Aromatherapy

    Without any scent at all you can experience the benefits of aromatherapy. I have been teaching aromatherapy for several years at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage (VSBM). In each first class, we spend time calling up scent memories before we even smell a thing. I have the students share their favourite scent. What happens every…

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    Announcing the first Spice Deck!

    Hello beautiful friends. How exciting to make this creative vision a reality to share with you. This Spice Deck of wisdom offers easy access and aromatic insights from the beautiful spice world. There is no end to the magnificent, aromatic, and abundant variety of spice treasures to explore so keep a lookout twice a month in your in-box or subscribe…

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    A Vista on the Three Pillars of Life

    Namaste beautiful friend. This may be one of our most essential blogs yet because without attention to these three very important building blocks of our immunity, happiness, survival, health and wellbeing, we cannot thrive sustainably. Strange that these are the very 3 things we may take for granted most of the time. Food. Sex. Sleep.…

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    Your Hips and Heart Will Adore You

    If you are anything like me and every other female creature on the planet, you WANT to move your hips. You may just not have gotten round to it yet. Or you may have found yourself trapped in your perfectly designed ergonomic computer chair. Or you’re too shy to shake it even when nobody is…

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    Spice Boost Your Juice

    In Ayurvedic food wisdom, spices are the desirable rasa. The irresistible fragrant jewels which bring the mouth-watering, ecstacy-provoking, digestive-juice activating taste to your food and less commonly but very certainly to your beverages as well. Summertime and you’ll be lightening up with more juices, smoothies, and salads which makes good sense being the Pitta time of year. You need the cooling, easygoing fare of Summer…

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    Meet the Green Queen

    Yes, Her Royal Highness the cardamom pod is proclaimed by the spice-meisters as the aromatic ‘Queen of Spices’! For starters the aroma is sublime and you would certainly be compelled to spontaneously bow or curtsey once you got a mere whiff of it. Sweet, warm, spicy, floral, rich, and exotic. It is good Ayurvedic medicine. Cardamom…

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    Your Life Credo in Two Words

    Last weekend I attended a beautiful secular barmitzvah celebration where three boys and three girls had the inspiring task of coming up with and sharing their life credo. For a thirteen year old that’s quite something to think about. THEY WERE AWESOME! They based it on their values and experiences that held the most meaning…

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    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. BE. STILL.

    Just for one moment. Be still. Put down your pens, your phone, your thoughts, your goals, your hunger, your reaching, your discontent, your judgements, your pain… With eyes closed visualize a glowing golden-white light emanating from your heart, imbued with the scent of jasmine, frankincense, sandalwood… I have been contemplating how we are constantly manifesting…

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