Announcing the first Spice Deck!

written by Glynnis
10 Aug, 2016
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Hello beautiful friends. How exciting to make this creative vision a reality to share with you. This Spice Deck of wisdom offers easy access and aromatic insights from the beautiful spice world.

There is no end to the magnificent, aromatic, and abundant variety of spice treasures to explore so keep a lookout twice a month in your in-box or subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter.



The sensual, fragrant world of the spices is nature’s mirror so we can reflect on the qualities in our own souls that bring us joy, delight, pleasure and bliss. Every time we release the volatile aromatic oils and partake of their good medicine we are freed up from the monotony, entrapment, and discontent of our thoughts. We are set free to explore such beauty.

These are the small and irreplaceable moments of awareness that connect us to the glory and generosity of the Universe.

Enjoy these insights. And perhaps every time you find a spice card from the deck in your in-box you can pop out and purchase that spice.

Use it, get to know it and allow it to become your friend. Cook, anoint, grind and sprinkle, discover, sniff, share and love. The spices will teach you all that and so much more.

And now for the SAFFRON….


With Fragrant Blessings of love,
Glynn (The Spice Mistress) and Mel (The Cinnamon Girl)



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  1. Loretta Voth

    Completely enchanted!

    • Glynnis

      Thank you Loretta! Was an inspiration form years of a love affair with the beauty of the spices!


  2. Lydia

    I love this since the first card you shared!! Why dont you make it into an actual card deck?? It would be fantastic!!!

    • Glynnis

      Hello Dear Lydia! Thank you so much for your kind words and love of our Spice Deck : ) We are so happy you are enjoying!

      Yes, yes, yes! We are working on the full deck which will be printed, boxed, and launched out to the world to enjoy sometime early 2017 and because you are on our list you will be the first to know ; )

      We so appreciate you being here on this spicy journey with us.

      Love and Fragrant Blessings,
      Glynn and Mel


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