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Without any scent at all you can experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

I have been teaching aromatherapy for several years at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage (VSBM). In each first class, we spend time calling up scent memories before we even smell a thing. I have the students share their favourite scent. What happens every time is that the scent is accompanied by a story of a pleasurable emotional trigger memory. This conjures up feelings of love or joy, or connection to family, home, or to meaningful places and people. They are all scents that have had some kind of positive emotional impact.

The mood in the class becomes relaxed, playful, and open and encourages a welcoming atmosphere for the powerful modality of aromatherapy.

I realized how powerful these scent-memories are.  I understood how they could be used to quickly elevate us to a positive state without the actual presence of any physical essential oils. To call upon a scent-memory for uplifting, energizing, and connecting us at any time in any scent-free environment, could be so transformative. All we need to take us there is the breath and our mind.

The Limbic system is a portal for emotional memory.

This primal part of the brain is directly connected to smells. Scent-memories are stored here as a survival mechanism for our protection or connection. These are linked to people, places, and events that have made an impact on our emotions. They can be called upon with focus at any time by just saying the name or describing the smell.  Memories can even be provoked by looking at images.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to pull ourselves out of a bad mood or depressed state. If we can distract our mind for just a few seconds from the triggers that are evoking our anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, depression, then we can imbue the dark places with fragrant intelligence and light. Of course it is also very powerful to actually use essential oils for aromatic healing practices. The beauty of the ‘scent-free’ meditation technique is that we don’t need those oils with us all the time to create a powerful healing experience.

 Hit play. Close your eyes. Breathe.



Enjoy this uplifting scent-free aromatic meditation I created for you to stabilize Vata by relieving anxiety, soothe Pitta by relieving stress, and energize Kapha by removing stagnation.

With Fragrant Blessings,
Glynn (Spice Mistress) and Mel (Cinnamon Girl)


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Hello beautiful friends. How exciting to make this creative vision a reality to share with you. This Spice Deck of wisdom offers easy access and aromatic insights from the beautiful spice world.

There is no end to the magnificent, aromatic, and abundant variety of spice treasures to explore so keep a lookout twice a month in your in-box or subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter.



The sensual, fragrant world of the spices is nature’s mirror so we can reflect on the qualities in our own souls that bring us joy, delight, pleasure and bliss. Every time we release the volatile aromatic oils and partake of their good medicine we are freed up from the monotony, entrapment, and discontent of our thoughts. We are set free to explore such beauty.

These are the small and irreplaceable moments of awareness that connect us to the glory and generosity of the Universe.

Enjoy these insights. And perhaps every time you find a spice card from the deck in your in-box you can pop out and purchase that spice.

Use it, get to know it and allow it to become your friend. Cook, anoint, grind and sprinkle, discover, sniff, share and love. The spices will teach you all that and so much more.

And now for the SAFFRON….


With Fragrant Blessings of love,
Glynn (The Spice Mistress) and Mel (The Cinnamon Girl)



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Namaste beautiful friend. This may be one of our most essential blogs yet because without attention to these three very important building blocks of our immunity, happiness, survival, health and wellbeing, we cannot thrive sustainably.

Strange that these are the very 3 things we may take for granted most of the time.

Food. Sex. Sleep.

We neglect, overindulge in, or put them last on our list of priorities and distract ourselves with lesser activities that we allow to take precedence. And then we are starving (through lack of real nourishment), exhausted (through lack of proper sleep), or frustrated, angry, apathetic, or obsessed (through unfulfilling sex).

Ayurveda views these as the most significant factors in our longevity. The powerful balance of living for a long time in the most vibrant way is the true goal of longevity and as with anything worth having, it takes an intentional practice. Practice to eat well, sleep well and engage in sex well. There are strategies around all three of these pillars of life but as with anything Ayurveda always says “it depends.” This means to be well, we need to live well and observe what is best for our own personal dosha or mind/body type.


In my article in the July/August issue of VISTA Magazine (pg 44-45) I discuss food, sex, and sleep according to the doshas.

“Good food, good sleep, and good sex produce Soma – the nectar of bliss in our life. We cannot fake it or buy it. Soma is a gift of our awakened innate intelligence and commitment to right living. Without this mystical essence our lives are dry, dull, limited, depleted, stale, and devoid of pleasure.

So how does Ayurveda view good food, sleep, and sex? We begin with knowing that every one of us has a unique mind/body type or dosha and are nourished according to our specific needs. Soma is discerning for each individual and the gifts of bliss are showered accordingly”

In the article I offer some Ayurvedic tips for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha regarding food, sleep, and sex and how to approach these pillars of life with refinement, respect, and reverence according to your personal constitution. The little nuances make a difference to your pleasure principle and how you navigate your day and your life.


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If you are anything like me and every other female creature on the planet, you WANT to move your hips. You may just not have gotten round to it yet. Or you may have found yourself trapped in your perfectly designed ergonomic computer chair. Or you’re too shy to shake it even when nobody is looking. Whatever the reason, as women we can all relate and we all wanna shake it.

Why shake your hips, move your body, expand your mind, or groove to the inner beating of your own heart? Simply put. It’s good for you. And seriously when last did you take a women-only time-out to restore your energy and make you feel alive and connected again.

Soooooo…..along comes a Goddess or two who not only make it their business to shake their hips and stir up some serious mojo but also make it their service to all women to reset the joy button. On September 17 an event is happening in Victoria BC (have you been there lately – it is a STUNNING place to visit!) that will give you every reason to get unstuck from the daily same-same and to jive with your beautiful, joyful, inspired, free-flowing ecstatic self.

Sounds like a gorgeous dream? It’s happening and I promise it willScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.02.29 PM rock your world like it rocked mine the last two times I participated. Alice Bracegirdle, the beautiful founder of Bellyfit® is an entrepreneur with great heart and the ability to move everyone she meets. Literally! She has inspired thousands of women to transform their lives through her spirited creation. Alice is all about empowering women.

Alice, in collaboration with Elate Cosmetics has engaged a passionate bevy of incredible women who will be presenting, sharing, and releasing their brilliance for you to shine at The Bellyfit Womens Health and Fitness Summit.

You will experience a weekend of magic designed to meet you and motivate you wherever you are on the path. September 17 and 18 at The Victoria Conference Centre.


Bellyfit®, Dance,  Ayurveda, Yoga,  DIY skincare,  aromatherapy,  holistic nutrition, meditation,  sacred sexuality,  pelvic floor health,  stress management,  hormone help,  kombucha!,  manifesting your desires,  invoking abundance, shopping for natural beauty and health products.

And so much more… (I am so excited to be presenting two delicious, sensual, ayurvedic aromatherapy workshops over the weekend).

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In Ayurvedic food wisdom, spices are the desirable rasa. The irresistible fragrant jewels which bring the mouth-watering, ecstacy-provoking, digestive-juice activating taste to your food and less commonly but very certainly to your beverages as well.

Summertime and you’ll be lightening up with more juices, smoothies, and salads which makes good sense being the Pitta time of year. You need the cooling, easygoing fare of Summer and there are several aroma-activating spices to include to up the ante when making your own booster-juice. For cleansing as well as nourishing, juicing is a concentrated super-food. When enjoyed regularly, spiced-up juices cheerfully flush the yucky’s out of your body while keeping the yummies in.

Juices, just like Pitta Dosha, are intense. Consider they are a pure concentrated shot of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients (without the fibre for the digestive system to slog through). As if released by the bow of a master archer, they shoot directly into the bloodstream as concentrated nutrition.

Now if you don’t have an actual juicer take heart.

All you need is a regular blender, some veggies, spices, filtered water and a nut-milk bag. (I use an awesome one from a company called Me + You). So why will you love this? Because it is quick, easy, and clean up is minimal. Also, you can put the remaining pulp in a bag in the freezer with other veggie trimmings to make a weekly broth or you can compost them (there is really very little pulp remaining because as you may know fruits and veggies are made up largely of water). True, you may not squeeze the total maximum nutrients out as you would with a cold-pressed juice from a pro-juicer, but very few of us have those fabulous gizmos in our kitchens.

So here it is simple and quick:


  1. Place about 4 cups of your fave fruit/veggies in the blender (I LOVE my Vitamix) and add one cup of filtered water, or half water and half coconut water. Add your spices of choice*
  2. Blend until everything is completely liquid (with a bit of pulp remaining of course).
  3. Pour through your nut-milk bag and then squeeze as much liquid through as you can into a bowl.
  4. Pour into a nice tall glass and enjoy. Refrigerate the rest in a mason jar for up to 2 days.
  5. Compost or you can freeze the remaining pulp for broth (there will still be some nutrients left as the blender won’t get them all). You could also add the pulp to a savoury veggie muffin recipe in place of say zucchini or apple.

*If you’re using a traditional juicer you can toast and grind the spices first to release the aromatic molecules and stir them in at the end. If you buy already ground spices it is harder to ensure they are still potent, so as much as possible grind your own whole seeds –  its so worth the time. Strain the juice so you have no gritty spice residue in your juice.  If you are using fresh ginger or turmeric you can just juice along with the other fruits and veggies.

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